Boneworks Best Mods (2023)

Boneworks Best Mods

Last Updated on 22 January, 2023

Boneworks Best Mods – Multiplayer, Melonloader, Spiderman, Custom Maps, Lightsaber, Wuhu Island, Player Models, Buttlerfly Knife and more

Boneworks Best Mods – r2modman Mod

A simple and easy to use mod manager for several Unity games using Thunderstore

Donwload the r2modman Mod > Here

Boneworks Best Mods – Melonloader Mod

The World’s First Universal Mod Loader for Unity Games compatible with both Il2Cpp and Mono

Donwload the Melonloader Mod > Here

Boneworks Best Mods – Multiplayer Mod

As the title would suggest, this mod adds multiplayer to Boneworks. Did you really expect it to do anything else?

Donwload the Multiplayer Mod > Here

Boneworks Best Mods – Spiderman Mod

  • Web Slinging: Gives you the ability to swing across the map, pull objects, and more! Default controls are double tapping B and double tapping Grip, but if you have index controllers you can change it to the Spiderman gesture, trackpad or touchpad. Release grip to let go of the web, hold grip and press the bind to shoot a web!
  • Web Indicator: A small icon that shows you where your web will go. Can be turned on and off.
  • Spider Strength: Makes you 200x stronger! Also lets you fling yourself up to get off the ground while holding onto a web.
  • Spider Regen: You now regenerate 7x faster than normal. However, you are not immune, so don’t get cocky!
  • Super Speed: You have the ability to run 1.5x faster than usual.
  • Super Jump: Your jump height has been increased by a huge amount. Tap the jump button for a hop, hold and release for a jump the height of a large fence.
  • Sticky Hands: You have the ability to climb nearly any wall in-game! Your hands also have more friction, allowing you to hold yourself between two walls.

Donwload the Spiderman Mod > Here

Boneworks Best Mods – Custom Maps Mod

A mod for loading in custom items, making life easier for other mod creators, and a whole lot more

Donwload the Custom Maps Mod > Here

Boneworks Best Mods – Lightsaber Mod

Just like in Star Wars, A Light saber is a weapon that emits a colored light beam strong enough to cut objects in half, while you cant cut objects in half, you can cut through NPC’s and move the blade through objects smoothly! I will continue to add more features to this Lightsaber like, different handles, more effects, etc

Donwload the Lightsaber Mod > Here

Boneworks Best Mods – Player Models Mod

Tired of playing as the same old Ford? Take on a new personality with this mod.

Donwload the Player Models Mod > Here

Boneworks Best Mods – City Map Mod

This map is just a fun area to mess around in or to use with the spiderman mod (what I use) now has a new building, the bank, that has 15 enemies and 5 fords. defeat the enemies for access to the vault and its peculiar treasure: the void cube. It also now includes an arena to fight in… from spiderman 2002! fight bonesaw in the cage match

Donwload the City Map Mod > Here

Boneworks Best Mods – Butterfly Knife Mod

You can now lock it(still a work in progress tho), there is a new knife added with the file name locktestbk.melon, that is the knife with the lock functionality. Working butterfly knife that is pretty cool ig.

Donwload the Butterfly Knife Mod > Here

Boneworks Best Mods – Wuhu Island Mod

This is Wuhu Island from Wii Sports Resort ported to BONEWORKS with all of the little details from the Wii game, Wuhu Island includes:

  • Climbable Surfaces
  • NPC Spawners
  • Teleporters
  • And much more to discover

Donwload the Wuhu Island Mod > Here

Boneworks Best Mods – Entanglement Multiplayer Mod

An alternative multiplayer mod for BONEWORKS written with performance and scalability in mind! This mod uses discord networking and therefore is compatible with both Steam and Oculus clients, enjoy having cross platform multiplayer!

Donwload the Entanglement Multiplayer Mod > Here

Complete Save Hover Junkers UpdateMod

A full save with all sandbox items. Put the contents of the zip into user/AppData/LocalLow/Stress Level Zero. Now has all 1.5 items, and now all 1.6 items.

Donwload the Complete Save Hover Junkers Update Mod > Here

Lore Friendly Gloves Mod

Gloves that match the bodysuit in an effort to match the style of the game

Donwload the Lore Friendly Gloves Mod > Here

Modern Warfare Variety Pack Mod

This is a pack of five guns ported from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019):

CX9 Sub-machinegun (CZ Scorpion EVO 3) chambered in 9mm
CR-56 AMAX Assault Rifle (IWI Galil ACE) chambered in 7.62x39mm
SCAR-H Battle Rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm
AKS-74u Sub-machinegun chambered in 5.45x39mm
Farah’s AK-47 (also known as Revolution) chambered in 7.62x39mm

Donwload the Modern Warfare Variety Pack Mod > Here

Boneworks Best Mods – Better 1911S Mod

Changes the 1911 to one of the skins of your choosing.

Donwload the Better 1911S Mod > Here

100 Percent M-H Save File Mod

File from Update 1.6. 134/135 Item have been collected overall for the M-H file. It says 4 sandbox items are missing, but there are almost none missing. Most items are present, plus more, such as breakable planks, all crates, etc. Enjoy the file.

Donwload the 100 Percent M-H Save File Mod > Here

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