Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween Candy Buckets

Disney Dreamlight Valley Candy Buckets

Last Updated on 9 December, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween Candy Buckets – All Halloween information and guide to Complete Quests.

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Halloween: The Treasure Hunt, Breaking Bones

Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween Candy Buckets – Halloween

Your town will be growing merry because Disney Dreamlight Valley is set in real time. Along with Scar from The Lion King’s new Halloween-themed Star Path, other strange Halloween candy buckets have begun appearing all over the place.

What exactly are these candy-filled buckets for, though? Besides Halloween, of course. Here’s a breakdown on how to use your Halloween candy buckets in Disney Dreamlight Valley specifically. Well, they’re for some of the Halloween-themed quests that are currently available in the game.

How can You use Halloween candy buckets

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there isn’t a way to make extra Halloween candy buckets spawn. Similar to how a random herb might, although less frequently, they’ll appear at random around the Plaza.

When you do come across Halloween candy buckets, interact with them so that you can scoop up some candy. There are a few uses for this sweet in Disney Dreamlight Valley, although they aren’t immediately apparent.

You can find several quests with a Halloween theme if you enter your menu, go to the page where all of your Daily Dreamlight chores are, and then go to the Village tab. Despite this, you are just given the quest’s name and very little other guidance.

While some missions, like “Stockpiling Pumpkins”, are simple to figure out (just in case, you’ll need to gather pumpkins in exchange for a Pumpkin Stack reward), others, like “Trick or Treat” and “Sugar Rush“, are more challenging.

The requirements and prizes for each quest are shown below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween Candy Buckets – Complete Quests

Let’s start with Trick or Treat as the Stockpiling Pumpkins quest has already been covered. Giving 10 different characters in your community one gift each is a requirement for this task. You’ll receive a Mickey Mouse Pumpkin as payment once that’s finished.

A 3-Course Halloween Meal is the following. This task is even simpler than collecting all those pumpkins because it only requires you to consume sweets in three different colors. A Trick or Treater’s Bounty is your prize for doing this.

The Sugar Rush quest is another option. To make sweets, you’ll need to collect a lot of sugarcane, vanilla, and cocoa beans. You must cook 15 candies in total and consume them all to receive your first reward, a happy Jack o’Lantern.

You can also gain a Mischievous Jack O’Lantern (after eating 30 candies) and a Friendly Jack O’Lantern (after eating 45 candies) as rewards for completing this quest, which is entirely dependent on how much candy you consume.

Villainy Wears Many Masks is the final but not the least. All you need to do for this one is access your closet and put on a mask. If you don’t already have a mask, getting one is really most of the labor with this one. Another Trick or Treater’s Bounty will be your reward.

That pretty much sums up Disney Dreamlight Valley’s interpretation of Halloween. Don’t forget to prepare some of the best recipes for energy and set aside some time to give the critters their preferred gifts while you’re gathering pumpkins and distributing gifts.

Also, if you need a video guide, just check the following video (thanks to Game MrStarInSky)

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