House Party Uncensored Patch (2024)

House Party Uncensored Patch

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

House Party Uncensored Patch – Direct Download, Explicit content Add on and Old Methods (.txt file and .zip file)

House Party Uncensored Patch – Direct Download

The easiest is to directly download the uncensored game. It’s something you can’t do if you play from Steam. But if you do not have the House Party game yet, it is best to directly download it from a site that has all the content unlocked. Our recommendation is F95, we would leave you the link, but since the game will be updated, it will stop serving you, so simply search Google: House Party F95, and download the game

House Party Uncensored Patch – Explicit Content Add-On

If you are a Steam player, you can directly buy the Add-On that will remove all censorship from the content, you just have to enter Steam with your username and password and search for House Party – Explicit Content Add-On.

This DLC patch adds in a bunch of stuff deemed “too adult” for mainstream consumption, unlike murder, decapitation, dismemberment and genocide. All that stuff is A-OK, and deemed much safer for your well being than seeing a ni*** or heavens forbid… genitalia!

House Party Uncensored Patch – Old Methods

There are two other methods that only work in older versions of the game. Avoid either of these two methods, the easiest option is to download the game for free from F95, even if you have the Steam version and have already paid for the game. Before installing new files that most likely have viruses, download the game again for free

Txt File

All you need to do is navigate to the following folder, or create it if it does not exist:

  • …/Documents/Eek/House Party/Mods/Censorship/

Inside the folder, create a new text file, and call it F**kCensorship.txt

.Zip File

get a .zip file named “Explicit”. There is a folder with 4 files inside. Such folder has to be placed in {your pc folder}\House Party\HouseParty_Data\StreamingAssets\. In the folder StreamingAssets there are already 3 folders and some files, so make sure you eventually have 4 folders and files.

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