How to Drop items or Money Project Slayers

How to Drop items or Money Project Slayers

Last Updated on 13 September, 2022

How to Drop items or Money Project Slayers – Small guie about how to drop items or money in the game Project Slayers.

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How to Drop items or Money Project Slayers

Whether you are a novice or an expert, as long as you have any questions, you can go to our articles to solve it, we also encourage you to leave it written in the comments if you have any type of suggestion, we will solve it.

This is a small guide on how you can drop artifacts or money, so if you are a novice in RPG games, or if you are not, maybe this small guide can help you, although it is also possible that you have never played a similar game within of Roblox, so we advise you to read it.

Steps to drop items and money

  1. Click on the Wen icon (main screen, bottom left, marked “W”)
  2. A text box will appear (indicate the amount you want to withdraw) and press the “Enter” button
  3. This amount will be added to the first free slot in your inventory
  4. Select the added money in your inventory and that amount will be added to your hand
  5. Press the “Backspace” button on yout keyboard and the money will fall to the ground (be careful because it can be picked up by any player)

Pick up items and money

  1. Approach the item or money you have dropped on the ground
  2. Interact with it (usually by pressing the “E” key)
  3. You will have it back in your inventory


To drop items ONLY: seems that you cannot drop items nowadays, this feature could be added in the future, the developers of the game Project Slayers (for now) prefer to keep this option disabled, since there is a possibility that items will be duplicated .

How to Drop items or Money Project Slayers – About

Project slayer is a game made by ouw0pp and his dev team.

The game is based on the demon slayer series by Koyoharu Gotouge, game is non-canon and has its own characters, and not everything will be based off demon slayer if there is no material to use.

Source: Trello

How to Drop items or Money Project Slayers – Mobile

If you are a mobile player, nothing better than seeing on the screen so that you must press for each action you want to perform. So we leave you this video of Conseptal

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