How To Get Nuggets In Forspoken?

how to get nuggets in forspoken

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

How To Get Nuggets In Forspoken – See where you can find Nuggets in Forspoken.

Nuggets are a valuable resource in Forspoken, so players are looking for ways to obtain them. You will be transported from New York to the mystical lands of Athia in this action-adventure RPG. This world, which was once beautiful, has been infected with a disease known as the Break. As a result, the humans and creatures of Athia have been transformed into monsters, and it is up to you to save the survivors. You will encounter formidable enemies and dangerous monsters as you travel through this world. You’ll need Healing Draughts to survive against them. This guide will explain how to obtain the materials required to increase the amount of healing draught you can hold.

How To Get Nuggets In Forspoken

Healing Draughts are necessary to replenish your health as you battle powerful enemies. You will frequently run out of these draughts due to the game’s large quantity of foes. Fortunately, you can expand the capacity of your medicine pouch to hold more of them. You will need the Nuggets to do it.

In Forspoken, players can obtain Nuggets by opening Treasure Chests scattered throughout Athia. After surveying the area, open your map and look for purple dots. These are the locations of Treasure Chests hidden throughout the map. Then, using your Parkour skills, search every nook and cranny for these chests. You can also find it by completing optional Point of Interest missions and Detours (Side Quests) around Cipal. Because this is the only city safe from the Break, all of the refugees have congregated here. As you interact with them, they will send you on side quests for rewards. You’ll also gain access to the Work Bench after visiting the Pilgrim’s Refuges. You can use your Nuggets to boost the potency of your medicine pouch here.

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