Project Slayers Insect Breathing – Location, Moves & More

Project Slayers Insect Breathing

Last Updated on 13 September, 2022

Project Slayers Insect Breathing – Location, Moves & More – Unlock Insect Breathing Style and master its moves

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Project Slayers Insect Breathing – Trainer Location

How to unlock Insect Breathing: From the Insect Trainer, Shinobu, in Butterfly mansion You can check the map, but if you need extra help with the location check this video guide from Auratix:

Insect Breathing Requirements

The minimum requirement to learn a breathing is level 12, and you will also need 5k web

Project Slayers Insect Breathing – Moves

There are a total of x6 movements:

  • 1st Move – Jaw Breaker: The user slashes, launches upwards with the opponent, and then slams them on the ground stunning them.
  • 2nd Move – Dance on the bee sting: The user thrusts to the opponent dealing damage.
  • 3rd Move – Dance on the Dragonfly: The user rapidly thrusts the opponent many times before doing one final more powerful thrust
  • 4th Move – Dance on the Centipede: The user rapidly dashes with their feet onto a final thrust at the end that deals damage.
  • 5th Move – Mantis Kick: The user counters an attacking opponent by kicking them away. the user teleports in a stream of lightning to that opponent damaging them.
  • 6th Move –  Butterfly Dance: The user raises into the air charges an attack and dashes mid air to the enemy slamming them down onto the ground.

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