Blox Fruits Map (2023)

Blox Fruits Map

Last Updated on 13 February, 2023

Blox Fruits Map – Full Maps (1st & 2nd sea), every island level requirements, and the locations of all the current NPCs

Blox Fruits Map – Full Maps

If you just want to check the maps, this is the first sea or world map:


1st sea

And these are the levels for the 1st sea or world map islands:

1st sea levels islands

These are the islands and levels in the second sea or world:

2nd sea sea levels islands

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Blox Fruits Map – Locations

These are the locations, and what you can find on each of the islands of both seas:

1st Sea Map Locations

Starter Island – Pirate


  • 2 Boat Dealers
  • Luxury Boat Dealer
  • Spawn Point
  • Sword Dealer
  • Blox Fruits Dealer
  • Marine Recruiter

Starter Island – Marine


  • 3 Boat Dealers
  • Luxury Boat Dealer
  • Spawn Point
  • Sword Dealer
  • Blox Fruits Dealer
  • Pirate Recruiter

Middle Island


  • 4 Boat Dealers
  • 2 Luxury Boat Dealers
  • Spawn Point
  • Weapon Dealer
  • Blox Fruits Dealer
  • Robotmega
  • Enhancement Editor



  • Boat Dealer
  • Spawn Point
  • Blox Fruitss Dealer Cousin

Pirate Village


  • Rich Man
  • Sword Dealer of the West
  • Spawn Point



  • Hasan (Collect the Chest near the pyramid to reveal the entrance).
  • Spawn Point

Frozen Village


  • Sword Dealer of the East
  • Sick Man
  • Ability Teacher/Silvers Rayleigh

Marine Fortress


  • Parlus
  • Advanced Weapon Dealer

Skypiea Island


  • Mad Scientist
  • Master Sword Dealer

Impel Down (Jail)


  • Fruit Remover
  • Military Detective


Toga Warrior (Level 225) and Gladiator (Level 275) Quests

Magma Village


  • Living Skeleton

Underwater City


  • Water Kung Fu Teacher

Upper Yard Entrance

Upper Yard Second Area

Fountain City / Water 7

2nd Sea Map Locations

Kingdom of Rose (Area 1)

Kingdom of Rose (Area 2)

Green Zone

Graveyard Island

Snow Mountain


  • Martial Arts Master

Hot and Cold/Punk Hazard

Ice Castle

  • NPC: Phoeyu The Reformed

Forgotten Island


  • Daigrock The Sharkman

Dark Arena/Alter Island

Usoap Island


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