Race Reroll Blox Fruits

Race Reroll Blox Fruits

Last Updated on 24 October, 2023

Race Reroll Blox Fruits – How to Race Reroll, Unlock Cyborg & Ghoul, V2 & V3 Races, and the Best Race of the game

There are x4 starting races (Human, Fishman, Skypian, or Mink) and there is a higher chance of Human Race. But you can also unlock the Cyborg and the Ghoul race meeting certain requirements

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Race Reroll Blox Fruits – How to Race Reroll?

  • Buying a Race Change for 90 Robux in the Game pass Shop.
  • Giving 3000 Fragments to Norp, to reroll their race
  • Through limited time events (conditions vary, check last events):
    • 13 Update Christmas event> 90 Candies from the Magic Elf NPC.
    • 16 Update Halloween Event > 300 Bones, from the Death King NPC.
    • 17 Update Christmas event > 100 Candies from the Magic Elf NPC.

Race Reroll Blox Fruits – Unlock Cyborg & Ghoul

If you want to be a Cyborg or a Ghould, you have to unlock the race first:

Cyborg: find a Fist of Darkness and click on the button which you use to start a Law raid, you will need:

  • Fist of Darkness: by fighting Sea Beasts
  • Core Brain: start regular Law raids until he drops it

Ghoul: Talk to Experimic in the kitchen of the Cursed Ship, you will need:

  • x100 Extoplasm: killing any cursed ship’s NPCs and the Cursed Captain
  • Hellfire Torch: defeating the raid boss, Cursed Captain, on the Cursed Ship

Race Reroll Blox Fruits – Other Versions (V2 & V3)

V2 Races

  • Requirements: Complete the Colosseum Quest (Bartilo in the cafe)
  • Cost: 500,000 Cash
  • V2 Races Giver: Alchemist in the Green Zone > Complete his Flower Quest

V3 Races

  • Requirements: Have the V2 Race version and have completed the Flamingo Quest
  • Cost: 2,000,000 Cash
  • V2 Races Giver: Flower Plains > Secret Entrance that leads to Arowe > Complete the quest (varies depending on the race)
    • Human – Kill the first 3 Bosses
    • Fishman – Kill a Sea Beast
    • Skypian – Kill a player that also has the Skypian race
    • Mink- Collect 30 Treasure Chests (It saves progress)
    • Ghoul – Kill 5 players
    • Cyborg – Give a physical Devil Fruit to Arowe

Race Reroll Blox Fruits – Best Race

There is not one race better than another, each one excels in something different:

  • Mink: Speed, Dash boost, and the ability Agility (even more speed)
  • Fishman: Passive ability decreases damage taken from water, and the ability Water Body (- damage taken)
  • Skypian: Extra jump boosts, and the ability Heavenly Blood (+1000 health & +500 energy)
  • Cyborg: A Tank, and the ability Energy Core (- damage and reflects taken damage)
  • Human: Most balanced, and the ability Last Resort (+damage done)
  • Ghoul: Passive ability that heals players as they hit enemies, and the ability Heightened Senses (gives several buffs)

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