How to get Ghoul Race Blox Fruits?

How to get Ghoul Race Blox Fruits

Last Updated on 24 October, 2023

How to get Ghoul Race Blox Fruits? – Unlock requirements and locations, and also different versions (V2 & V3) Requirements

The Ghoul Race is an addition to update 12, and cannot be obtained as a starting race, but you have to unlock it

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How to get Ghoul Race Blox Fruits – Unlock Requirements

These are the steps to unlock the Ghoul Race:

  1. Get x100 Ectoplasm
  2. Get a Hellfire Torch
  3. Talk to Experimic in the kitchen of the Cursed Ship > Accept

How to get Ectoplasm?

Ectoplasm can be obtained by killing any cursed ship’s NPCs (25% drop chance/1 ectoplasm) and the Cursed Captain (10 ectoplasm)

Ectoplasm uses:

  • Ghoul: 100 ectoplasm + Hellfire Torch
  • Bizarre Rifle: 25 ectoplasm
  • Ghoul Mask: 50 ectoplasm
  • Midnight Blade: 100 ectoplasm

How to get the Hellfire Torch?

The Hellfire Torch can be obtained by defeating the raid boss, Cursed Captain, on the Cursed Ship. He only spawns at night, with a 1/3 chance to spawn

How to get Ghoul Race Blox Fruits – V2

If you already have unlocked the Ghoul Race, you can evolve it to version 2

  • Requirements: Complete the Colosseum Quest (Bartilo in the cafe)
  • Cost: 500,000 Cash
  • V2 Races Giver: Alchemist in the Green Zone > Complete his Flower Quest (same quest for all races)

How to get Ghoul Race Blox Fruits – V3

If you already have unlocked the Ghoul Race V2, you can evolve it to version 3

  • Requirements: Have the V2 Race version and have completed the Flamingo Quest
  • Cost: 2,000,000 Cash
  • V2 Races Giver: Flower Plains > Secret Entrance that leads to Arowe > Complete the quest (varies depending on the race)

Ghoul V3 Quest: Kill 5 players. (They can be any level of players you do not need to collect bounty from it as of Update 15.),(You can kill the same person 5 times and still get Ghoul v3)

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