Counterside Reroll Guide & Tier List

Counterside Reroll Guide

Last Updated on 16 August, 2022

Counterside Reroll Guide & Tier List –  – How to Reroll, what you should aim for, and the Tier List (Target Characters ranked from Tier SS to Tier D)

The reroll is not essential, because with the special banner you can do x30 rerolls. But on global servers it may be worth going for Awakened Hilde (available on day 1). So just for that we are going to explain how to reroll

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Counterside Reroll Guide & Tier List – How to Reroll

These are the steps to reroll

  1. Launch the game – Counterside
  2. Login using a Guest account
  3. Complete the tutorial and reach the lobby (less than 10 minutes)
  4. 10-pull on the New Ceo banner (guarantees an SSR Rarity employee in 30 pulls or less)
  5. Pull on Selective Recruitment Banner (1 SSR character, 3 SR characters, and 3 Rare characters and 3 Normal Rarity characters)
  6. Check your in-game mail and get all the rewards
  7. Continue the tutorial until you reach the Main Stream ACT (Don’t do anything with all the quartz)
  8. Go to the lobby and buy the 11-pull pack for 2750 Quartz
  9. If you are not Happy with the results
    • In the KR version of the game, you can go to setting and reset your account
    • In SEA you have to close the game and manually delete the application data (clear cache), but this will also force you to redownload the 3gb. I suggest to use emulators like Bluestack to speed up the process

What you should aim for?

New Ceo banner: The best possible option is Nanahara Chifuyu (Tier SS), although if you get Gaeun (Tier SS-) he is also a great option

Selective Recruitment Banner:

  • SSR: The best possible option is Nanahara Chifuyu (Tier SS), although if you get Gaeun (Tier SS-) he is also a great option
  • SR:  The best possible option is Evelyn Keller (Tier SS), although if you get Administration Rifleman (Tier SS-) he is also a great option

11-pull pack: Here is the key, if you get Awakened Hilde you will have succeeded. If not, see what other employees you have achieved and unless they are the best, we recommend you reset the account

Counterside Reroll Guide & Tier List – Tier List

This is the tier list of the game, the best are Tier SS characters and the worst are Tier D characters, so try to get a 4 star Tier SS or Tier S character

  • SS Tier: Kyle Wong, Kim Sobin, Joo Shiyoon, Xiao Lin, Lin Xien, Cindy Looper, Yang Harim, Irie Alford, Ryan Ferrier, Choi Ina
  • S Tier: Elizabeth Pendragon, Gaeun, Seo Yoon, Sylvia Lena Copper, Hayamai Sanae, Roy Burnett, Titan, Terminatorx2, Bomi, Evelyn Keller, Claudia Nelson, Hound, Lumi
  • A Tier: Sparrowx2, Nayuka Minato, Shin Jia, Cathy Wade, Adamant Sniper, Sweeperx2, Kim Chowon, Esterosa de Chavalier, Jake Walker, Orca, Nanahara Chifuyu, MA1 HMMWV, Park Hyunsoo, Nanahara Chinatsu, Arius Esquede, Ironside, Fione Lowell, Benedict Constantine, Gabriel Jun The Vicious Breaker
  • B Tier: Eddie Fisher, Assault Trooperx3, Yoo Mina, Riflemanx3, Scoutx3, Archenex2, John Mason, Han Sorim, UBGL Riflemanx2, Maya Hunt, Miya, Sniper, Stinger Gunnerx2, Woodpecker, Jane Doe, Liv Allen, Oh Saerom, Hilde, Chariot, Zena Bird, Lee Minseo, Lee Jin, Shim Somi, Hirose Aki, Strongholdx2, Shiledmanx2, Kim Chulsoo, Rhino, Tactical Transporter Deuce-and-a-half, Mortar Team
  • C Tier: Peacekeeperx3, Thaddeus Morgan, Cho Hojin, Recoiless Gunnerx2, ZSU Shilka, Black Tail, Yang Hasnol, Yuna Springfield, Buzzard, HM MRLS, Reaper, Ingrid Johanna, Eujin, Surpressorx2, Amy, Laura Beatrix, Lee Dafoe, Choi Gangsan, Charlie Rockwood, Tommy the Die-Hard, Ogami Masaki, PZH Mobile Gun

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We hope that this guide has been useful to you, and that you have obtained the best characters

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