Princess Connect Reroll Guide

Princess Connect Reroll

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

Princess Connect Reroll Guide – What you should aim for (Tier List), and all the steps of the rerolling process explained

We do not recomment to reroll, it is not easy and it is a long process. But of course we will explain you the steps if you really think you need to reroll.

Princess Connect Reroll – What you should aim for?

If you get Makoto or any of the Tier SSS, Tier SS, or also Tier S cards, it is not a good idea to reroll

There are a lot of cards, so check here the complete Tier List

Princess Connect Reroll – Android Steps

Download Priconne & create a Crunchyroll account

Priconne is a clone app available in the Play Store, and you can create a Crunchyroll account on Crunchyroll website

First Summons

Complete the tutorial, the tutorial gacha, and also the summons. You can get +2,000 jewels by linking your crunchyroll account from the menu (Account link & CR)

If you are not happy with your cards, start the rerolling process:

1st Step – Clone Priconne R

Leave the game (close it) > open the clone app > clone Priconne R

2nd Step – Link an external account

Open Priconne R (DON’T tap to start) > Tap on the Data Link button (upper left corner) > Create and link another Crunchyroll account > Close Priconne

3rd Step – Restart the game

Open Priconne R > Tap on Data Link (upper left corner) > Use the Crunchyroll account created in 2nd step (DON’T link your google play account) > Now you can do the first summons again

If you are again not happy with your cards:

4th Step – Clear Priconne

Your device > Settings > Apps > Priconne R Clone > Clear

Now that your clone app is empty again, repeat from 1st step – Clone Priconne R

Princess Connect Reroll – iOS Steps

You can’t use clone apps like Priconne in iOS, you can try to delete the game and reinstall it again, but it is even harded than in android.

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