Last Cloudia Reroll Guide & Tier List

Last Cloudia Reroll Guide & Tier List

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

Last Cloudia Reroll Guide & Tier List –  – How to Reroll, what you should aim for, and the Tier List (Target Characters ranked from Tier S to Tier D)

Last Cloudia Reroll Guide & Tier List – What is a good Reroll

The game offers a large number of rolls and free currency at the start of the game, so make sure you get something like this:

  • Use 6000 stones on the DMC units. From those two multies, you must get at least 2 to 3 dmc unit or arks in total.
  • Then use your gurantee ticket to see if you can avoid getting a dupe.
  • Use the 6 dmc tickets and hope you get some feature unit.
  • If everything works, you should have an account with 3-4 dmc units/arks before starting story.
  • Now you can progress your story, reserve about 6000 to 9000 stones on the start dash banner. That should usually give you at least 1 or 2 DoH units.

Last Cloudia Reroll Guide & Tier List – Steps to Reroll

These are the steps to Reroll, what you have to do is create the game data, which is infinitely easier with an emulator. But if you prefer to do it from your Android:

  1. Find the folder (com.aidis.lastcloudiaen) for the game and rename it.
  2. It is located in Internal storage>Android>data.
  3. Clear the data for the game from app settings.
  4. Then go back and change it to its original name.
  5. You can now start a new account.

Once you are happy with your roll, be sure to link an account and upload your data so you don’t lose anything!

Last Cloudia Reroll Guide & Tier List – Tier List

We show you the characters ordered in a Tier List, try to get some Tier A, but the best are Tier S

Tier S

They are the best characters so try to get some of these

  • Cyberslayer Alice
  • Knight Lord Kyle
  • Regnant of Fire
  • Eliza
  • A2
  • Divine Beast Rei
  • Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest
  • Holy Knight Ruuto
  • Maja
  • Heroic Lord Roland
  • Guardian Angel Lukiel
  • Sea Rover Maddine
  • Granadas
  • Swordmagineer Lilebette
  • Levi
  • Advocate of God
  • Baran
  • 2B
  • Saintly Lilebette
  • Mikasa
  • V
  • Leona
  • Princess Punch
  • Alice Type-S
  • Spirit Maiden Theria
  • Nero
  • Regal Bolt Lanceveil
  • Lougseus
  • God of Ruin
  • Nocturne Tinkili
  • Advocate of God
  • Rabbala
  • Gen Asagiri
  • Primm
  • Roy Mustang
  • Shida
  • Mayly
  • Inventive Queen Meredy
  • Edward Elric
  • Angela
  • Riesz
  • Sage Emperor Zekus
  • Ardine
  • Maiden of Binding
  • Sera
  • Dragonoid Milim Nava

Tier A

They are also very good options, so you could be satisfied with one of these

  • Sea Princess Lilah
  • Senku Ishigami
  • Alphonse Elric
  • Eren
  • Roland
  • Emilia, Zaix
  • Milim Nava
  • Goroth the Insatiable
  • Lagrobos
  • Thunderbolt Sevia
  • Gorm Crystalia
  • Killer Ice Princess Sevia
  • 9S
  • Tsukasa Shishio
  • Chrome
  • Davan
  • Rem
  • Advocate of God Lily
  • Blazeblade Shin
  • Advocate of God
  • Degrogue
  • Dilmordo
  • Mechanical Meredy
  • Tinkili the Diva
  • Leena the Warlock
  • Lily
  • Sylvan Sworder Logia
  • Kohaku
  • Beyland
  • Duran
  • Randi
  • Dante

Tier B

They are average characters, nothing to spend too much time on, although they can work well when you play

  • Dyne of the Three Sages
  • Advocate of God
  • Zouglas
  • Doura the Bluebeard
  • Gobl
  • Sahagin
  • Ice General Zekus
  • Gallant Flame Vaughn
  • Rimuru Tempest
  • DXR-MK02
  • Prince Gorm
  • Eliza
  • Phantom Thief Robin
  • Carol No. 4
  • Princess Lilah
  • Popoi
  • Yashamaru
  • Saintly Theria
  • Ice Emperor Seilios
  • Master Thief Robin
  • Lanceveil

Tier C

From this tier, try to avoid these characters, they won’t give you much

  • Summoner Leena
  • Luger King of Destruction
  • Zleorg the Heathen
  • White Knight Melza
  • Lukiel
  • Romel the War God
  • Soul Reaper Melza

Tier D

And of course, tier D are the worst, avoid them at all costs, they are very bad

  • Blood Rose
  • Lilebette of the Blaze
  • Gravein the Sky Hero
  • Goroth the Giant
  • Magic Beast Rei
  • Godhunter Shin
  • Mysterious Girl Theria
  • Kyle the Swordsman
  • Steel Wall Maddine
  • Genius Archer Phal
  • Claire and Dahlgion
  • Hobgobl
  • Dabourne
  • Vazard
  • Pokkle
  • Phantom
  • Skeleton
  • Gaoul

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