Katamari Damacy Reroll Achievements Guide

Katamari Damacy Reroll Achievements

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

Katamari Damacy Reroll Achievements Guide – Complete all the achievements with our guide – Requirements and tips to unlock them all

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Katamari Damacy Reroll Achievements Guide – Full List

  • Prince of Prince: Collected all achievements
  • The Beginning of Rolling: Cleared “Make a Star 1.” – Get a 10cm katamari (no time limit)
  • Rolling Sweeper: Cleared “Make a Star 2.” – Get a 20cm katamari (6 min limit)
  • First Time Outside: Cleared “Make a Star 3.” – Get a 50cm katamari (8 min limit)
  • House Meister: Cleared “Make a Star 4.” – Get a 1m katamari (10 min limit)
  • Town Sweeper: Cleared “Make a Star 5.” – Get a 1.5m katamari (13 min limit)
  • To the End of the World: Cleared “Make a Star 6.” – Get a 3m katamari (11 min limit)
  • Rolling Meister: Cleared “Make a Star 7.” – Get a 6m katamari (12 min limit)
  • Town Meister: Cleared “Make a Star 8.” – Get a 12m katamari (18 min limit)
  • World Meister: Cleared “Make a Star 9.” – Get a 30m katamari (20 min limit)
  • Professional Roller: Cleared “Make the Moon” – Get a 300m katamari (25 min limit)
  • Crustacean Collector: Cleared “Make Cancer” – Clear Make a Star 2 and collect crabs in 5 min
  • In Pursuit of Beauty: Cleared “Make Cygnus” – Clear Make a Star 4 and collect eggs in 7 min
  • Collector of Crowns: Cleared “Make Corona Borealis” – Clear Make a Star 5 and collect crowns in 9 min
  • Professor Pisces: Cleared “Make Pisces” – Clear Make a Star 6 and collect fish in 6 min
  • Kawaii Researcher: Cleared “Make Virgo” – Clear Make a Star 8 and collect maidens in 11 min
  • The Great Bear Tamer: Cleared “Make Cancer” – Clear Make a Star 6 and double the size of the katamari without picking up bears or bear shaped items
  • Gemini Family: Cleared “Make Gemini” – Clear Make a Star 6 and roll up identical items in 11 min
  • Moo Moo Farmer: Cleared “Make Taurus” – Clear Make a Star 7 and make the biggest katamari in 7 min
  • Polaris Observer: Cleared “Makethe North Star” – Clear Make a Star 7 – Explained below
  • Present Hunter: Collect al of king’s presents – Explained below
  • King of Katamari Damacy: Rolled all items – Explained below

Polaris Observer Achievement

You have to get a 10m Katamari, you start around 2m, pick a few giant watermelons (require 6m) and keep growing until you can pick up an elephant (requires 10m)

Present Hunter Achievement

Video guide, by ThumbsOfSteel74 with all the presents locations

  • Winter Scarf – Make a Star 2
  • Chef Hat – Make a Star 3
  • Champion Belt – Make a Star 4
  • Camera – Make a Star 5
  • Headphones – Make a Star 6
  • Apron – Make a Star 7
  • White Guitar – Make a Star 8
  • Aloha Set – Make a Star 9
  • Ducky – Make Cygnus
  • Crown – Make Corona Borealis
  • Superhero Scarf – Make Ursa Major
  • Sumo Belt – Make Taurus
  • Runnning Top – Make Virgo
  • Wig – Make the North Star

King of Katamari Damacy Achievement

All Items Locations Guide > Here

Rarest items locations guide > Here

Katamari Damacy Reroll Achievements Guide – Eternal Unlock

  • Make a Star 4: Make a star that is at least 1.30m
  • Make a Star 8: Make a katamari that is at least 25m
  • Eternal unlock > Make the Moon: Make a katamari that is at least 800m

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