World Flipper Reroll Guide & Tier List

World Flipper Reroll Guide

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

World Flipper Reroll Guide & Tier List – How to Reroll, How to Reset the game, what you should aim for and the Tier List

If you play on the Japanese version you can just delete your account from the title screen menu, but if you are playing on the English version check the next section to learn how to reroll, or how to reset the game if you don’t mind waiting 24 hours

World Flipper Reroll Guide – Steps to Reroll

  1. Launch World Fliper and Sign in as Guest
  2. Complete the tutorial and claim: the free summons and the pre-registration rewards
  3. Spend all the 1,500 Lobestar Beads to draw characters from the banning
  4. If you don’t like what you have:
    1. Menu > Account information > Log out from the guest account
      • Android: Clear the game data
      • iOS: Delete the game and reinstall
    2. Log in with a Facebook, Google or Apple account that you haven’t used yet
      • You can also redownload the game’s patch file, but it is 2GB, so it’s easier if you have an alternative Facebook, Google or Apple account

Reset the Game

You can reset the game as an alternative reroll method, but this method will take 24 hours:

Menu > Account information > Unregister game > Unregister

Do not try to connect with the same account before 24 hours have elapsed, as you will cancel the un-registration process. But if you don’t mind waiting, after 24 hours, you can reconnect with the same account and start from scratch

World Flipper Reroll Guide – What you should aim for?

Check the complete Tier List while rerolling:

  • S Tier: HNephtim, Sera, Baretta, Rolf, Shywe, Celtie, Razelt, Vyron, Sha Susu (three-star)
  • A Tier: Olivia, Miguel, Kikuno, Metis, Cipher, Clarisse, Phiria
  • B Tier: Botan, Libram, Carla, Remnith, Barrek, Marina, Sonia, Noenne
  • C Tier: Kokkoro, Tajes, NY Ellya, Cagliostro, Belsidia, Xmas Marianne
  • D Tier: Karyl, Selene, Murakumo, Inaho, Nephtim
  • E Tier: Pecorine, Mormia, Vagner, Suizen, Leon, Eclair, Xmas Soushiro, XInaho

Apparently, Celtie, Razelt and Vyron are among the best five-star characters in the game (Tier S) the easiest to get in the reroll. So if you get any of the three, be satisfied

The ideal combination would be any of these three five-star characters along with Sha Susu, the best three-star character in the game. But do not complicate your life, with any of the four you can start playing and you will have a very competitive team

About World Flipper

World Flipper activated. Prepare for launch. Don’t miss out on this EPIC pinball adventure!

  • Pinball mets action RPG: Everything you love about pinball packed into an action RPG! Experience pinball like you never have before!
  • Fast Paced Combat: Ready, aim, fire! Time your attacks right and crush your foes before they know what hit ’em. Activate skills to maximize damage!
  • Explore Fantasy Worlds: Travel across several worlds, each with its own friends to meet and mysteries to unravel!
  • Strategize and build your team: In World Flipper, units can pair up and combine their abilities. Find the perfect duo, and unlock game-breaking combo skills.

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