Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Reroll Guide

Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Reroll Guide

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Reroll Guide – How to Reroll, what you should aim for, and the Tier List (Heroes ranked from Tier S to Tier D)

The process to reroll is very simple, at least on Android, you will only have to complete the tutorial and you will be able to reset your account quickly whenever you connect as a guest

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Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Reroll Guide – Steps

These are the steps to Reroll

  1. Launch Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy on your Device using a Guest Account
  2. Complete the tutorial (skip the cutscenes if you want to make it faster)
  3. Claim the premium currency and Awaker Scrolls to use it to roll in the banners from the Mail, mission and quest rewards, or any other place you can find
  4. If you are happy with the results > Set your nickname and bind the account to an email adress
  5. If you are not happy with the results the method changes depending on whether you use Android or iOS

Android Reroll

On the login screen tap on My Account and then Account Settings. Proceed with Switch Account, and hit confirm, , then repeat the first 4 steps

iOS Reroll

Try the Android method first, but if it doesn’t work just reinstall the game, then repeat the first 4 steps

Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Reroll Guide – Target

As you can see in the Tier list that we provide you in the next section, during the rerolls you can get two of the best characters in the game, Furka and Garcias. So we highly recommend you to go for one of them. If you get another Tier S you can be satisfied too.

And now that we are making recommendations, perhaps the ideal option is Furka. Garcia is one of the best characters in the game, but he is a pure Support. While Furka has great Support skills, but also DPS, so it is more off-road and will be much more useful to you in your beginnings.

So go for Furka or Garcias, preferably Furka

Tier List

In case you want to have the complete picture, we show you the Complete Tier List:

Tier S:

  • Asmodeus (Lust) – DPS/support
  • Belphegor (Sloth) – DPS/support
  • Caillen (Braveheart) – support
  • Clarice (Hermit) – DPS/support
  • Furka (Dragonblade) – DPS/support
  • Garcias (Twin Stars) – support
  • Lucifer (Pride) – DPS/support
  • Stolas (Windblade) – DPS

Tier A:

  • Anastastia (Rebirth) – DPS
  • Aura (Calamity) – DPS
  • Kay (Gunslinger) – DPS/support
  • Marilu (The Undaunted) – DPS
  • Nonna (Lightning Rider) – DPS/control
  • Shalimar (Flourish Weaver) – support/control

Tier B:

  • Abelia (Liberator) – DPS/control
  • Clarice (Hermit) – DPS/control
  • Elphus (Kabuki) – DPS/support
  • Evelina (Enlightenment) – support
  • Ingrid (Bloodthirst) – DPS/support
  • Jacqueline (Eccentric Inventor) – DPS/control
  • Lucianna (Vedomosti) – DPS/control
  • Zoe (Truthseeker) – DPS/control

Tier C:

  • Drusilla (Prosperity) – support
  • Draco (Blazewind) – DPS
  • Matina (Conflagration) – support
  • Noach (Scrutiny of Flesh) – DPS/support
  • Rufina (Gospel of Esther) support/control
  • Sylwia (Eurythmics) support/control
  • Svetlana (Lamentation) support/control

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