Revived Witch Reroll Guide

Revived Witch Reroll Guide

Last Updated on 16 September, 2023

Revived Witch Reroll Guide – How to reroll, reroll with a new account, what you should aim for, and the Tier list

Revived Witch is one of the games where it is easiest to reroll. You just have to complete a few steps and the game itself will allow you to reroll 100 times. so the key is not how to reroll, but when to stop rerolling

Revived Witch Reroll Guide – How to Reroll?

Go through the tutorial > Reach the Hall of Origin to unlock the 1st limited edition summon banner

And that’s it, when you get to the Hall of Origin you will have 100 rerolls, you just have to press the summon button and summon again until you get the characters that interest you

Reroll with a New Account

Goto Profile > User Center > Link your guest account to Yostar using random email generator > clear data account

Revived Witch Reroll Guide – What you should aim for?

Keep in mind that you can’t roll a doll that you’ve skipped. Also, each pull can only have 1 UR + 1 SSR

You should aim for a Top Tier UR character, like Ella, Celanya, Afallen, Tuonel, Mineer, Amanami, or Metamorphoses. Although you could also use some of the best SSR in the game, such as Yui, Mayahuel or Dorin

But do not try to go for the perfect reroll because it is difficult to achieve. Perhaps the simplest recommendation would be to go for Afallen or Tuonel + any SSR that is Tier S or Tier A. We leave you below to all the Tier S and Tier A of the game in case it helps you

Tier S

  • Isabel > Executor of the Ideal Grace: Assassin & Brimstone – Passive: Ideal Grace
  • Witch > Witch of the Void: Witch & Aether – Passive: Bloom
  • Mayahuel > Forest Blessing: Mage & Mercury – Passive: Natural Law
  • Eddine > Mana Dream: Compeller & Mercury – Passive: Enraptured
  • Yui > Demonsbane Spear: Destroyer & Saltstone – Passive: Spear Princess
  • Kapla > Spring Beast: Destroyer & Saltstone – Passive: Tit for Tat
  • Metamorphoses > Dominator Of Souls: Compeller & Saltstone – Passive: Soul Collection
  • Catherine > The Miracle: Guardian & Brimstone Brimstone – Passive: Resplendent Majesty
  • Akasha > Sword Maiden Of Shooting Stars: Assassin & Brimstone – Passive: Field of Swords
  • Arcana > Fortune Teller: Compeller & Mercury – Passive: Foresight
  • Mineer > Blessing Of The Night: Mage & Mercury – Passive: Waxing Moon
  • Afallen > Defender Of Holiness: Guardian & Mercury – Passive: Light of the Sanctuary
  • Ushpia> Queen Of The Desert: Mage & Mercury – Passive: Paralyzed
  • Amanami > Princess Of The Sun: Compeller & Mercury – Passive: Kalavin
  • Tuonel > Hybrid Healer: Healer & Saltstone – Passive: Child of Taboo
  • Celanya > Azure Archer Of Wind: Assassin & Brimstone – Passive: Dashing Arrows
  • Dorin > Celestial Gift: Compeller & Saltstone Saltstone – Passive: Surprise
  • Ella > Dragon Lass: Destroyer & Saltstone – Passive: Ancient Inheritancek

Tier A

  • Raphan > Claw of Destiny: Destroyer & Saltstone – Passive: Wolf Spirit’s Protection
  • Amorai > Emotional Therapist: Healer & Brimstone – Passive: Deep Breath
  • Datheios > Balance Enforcer: Mage & Mercury – Passive: Adamant Justice
  • Sher > Wanderer Of Fate: Healer & Brimstone – Passive: Chthonic Incarnation
  • Tuonel of Night > Princess Of Memory: Guardian & Mercury – Passive: Fearless
  • Kyphon > Deliverer Of The Underworld: Destroyer & Saltstone – Passive: Restless
  • Nannar > Guard Of The Mirror: Guardian & Mercury – Passive: Reflection of the Mirror
  • La Crima > Tear Of Gems: Compeller & Mercury – Passive: Tear of Pearl
  • Goorveig > Sacrifice To The Abyss: Compeller & Mercury – Passive: Call of the Abyss
  • Lilia > Princess Of Aurora: Mage & Mercury – Passive: Aurora’s Blessing
  • Cynetia > Warped Hymn: Healer & Saltstone – Passive: Joy of Agony
  • Matveiffe > Blue Shift Watcher: Assassin & Brimstone – Passive: Netherswap
  • Cersivey > Saintess Of Snegurochka: Compeller & Mercury – Passive: Divine Judgment

In case you are interested, consult the complete Tier list > Revived Witch Tier List

You can also check the Codes for freebies

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