Pokemon Quaxly Weaknesses Resistant Counters – Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Quaxly Weaknesses Resistant Counters Scarlet and Violet

Last Updated on 13 December, 2022

Pokemon Quaxly Weaknesses Resistant Counters – Scarlet and Violet – Game by Nintendo – Everything about Pokemon Quaxly like Weaknesses Resistant & Counters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, all info.

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Pokemon Quaxly Weaknesses Resistant Counters – All info

Quaxly is a Water-type Pokémon introduced in Generation 9.

This polite Pokémon will follow in the footsteps of its Trainer. It keeps things neat and detests getting its head filthy in particular.

Its Body Is Protected with a Shiny Gel: Because the gel generated by its feathers repels dirt and moisture, its body is always shiny. Its head’s coif is slicked back with a rich, velvety cream, and when it dries, it looks messy.

It Swims Easily Using its Strong Legs; It can swim effortlessly even in areas with strong currents thanks to its powerful legs. It regularly and quickly kicks its foes in combat.

Quaxly Weaknesses

All movements of these types affect Quaxly

  • Electric
  • Grass

Quaxly Immune

Quaxly is immune to these types

  • Nothing

Quaxly Resistant & Quaxly Counters

Quaxly resists the following moves and types

  • Water
  • Steel
  • Ice
  • Fire

More Info & Easy Guide

You can defeat Quaxly with any move of the Electric, & Grass types, but if you have Special Attack moves, you should concentrate on using them. Due to Quaxly’s stronger in Special Defense & Physical Defense, using Attacks will be significantly more successful.

Water, Steel, Ice, and Fire-type Pokemon are those that you should make sure to keep away from any battles with Quaxly. Each of them is vulnerable to one or more of Quaxly’s attacks.

About Pokemon S&V

There are many new Pokemon that may be found, caught, and fought against in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet since they provide new features to the game. It can be difficult to tell what type a Pokemon is when you first encounter it in battle, so knowing what moves to use is crucial!

But you can change (if you want) to make it day or night in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, check links

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